Episode 14

Thibaut Vanderhofstadt On The Importance Of Culture Differences, A Powerful Team and the Growth of Sortlist


September 3rd, 2020

1 hr 16 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

Thibaut is a 32-year-old passionate entrepreneur, deeply involved in his projects. Scout leader at heart, for him human relationships and team spirit are the 2 ingredients of success.

At 18 years old, after living for 1 year in a Finnish entrepreneurial family, he realized the importance of taking action to succeed.

Questioning is a daily practice for him, he likes to learn and share what he learns; And if you are looking for a good business book, he recommends "E-Myth, Why small businesses do not work, and what to do about it".

After an Erasmus year in Mexico, he imagined creating a chain of Mexican restaurants; but after months of work he decided to do a "small" pivot with his associates and with them created one of the first B2B marketplace for marketing services in Europe: Sortlist.

He says, and I quote:

For me there is no such thing as failure, it is simply a more or less long success, which requires more or less pivots and time. By questioning themselves regularly, with enough energy and a united team, any entrepreneur can succeed;).

What you’ll hear in this episode is:

  1. Vacation and Digital Detox;
  2. Tourism in France during a global pandemic;
  3. Interesting facts about Thibaut’s name origin;
  4. What is Sortlist and Why you should use it;
  5. Insights on culture differences in business;
  6. Advices on how to expand your business in a healthy way;
  7. Fundraising and the importance of a good, motivated team;
  8. Why Cluj from all the cities in Romania?
  9. Challenges to working with teams all across Europe;
  10. Tips on entering new markets;
  11. Next point on the Sortlist’s road-map.

I just loved our conversation and learned so much from him, I hope you do the same by listening to this episode.

Enjoy our conversation. :)